HPC AI Competition


We participated in the APAC HPC AI contest in the second half of 2021. This contest is held by Singapore. The goal is to run specify applications on their supercomputer. Besides, we also need to measure and compare its performance. Although this seems interesting, what we were doing is actually dealing with old environments. Because the software version on Singapore’s super computer is too old, most of the dependencies of the application failed to work. Therefore, our results doesn’t perform well. However, above our expectations, we won the third place.

This is the news of the winners. We’re team NTHU-EM. Originally, our university has two teams participated in this competition: NTHU-1 and NTHU-2. However, both of us won the place so that the organizer complains that they can’t distinguish which team we are. In result, they replaced it by using the team leader’s name.